Privacy Policy

At Inchol Solutions Inc. we acknowledge and respect the privacy of every individual who uses our products. The following privacy statement provides awareness of the standards and terms under which Inchol Solutions protects the privacy of the information our customers have supplied to the website or to a representative of Inchol Solutions, which is owned and operated by Inchol Solutions Inc. As new technologies evolve to protect your privacy within our products, it will allow for this policy to be modified. Our customers are encouraged to occasionally revisit this page to review this information.
At Inchol Solutions we may receive specific data about our customers, which has been provided in a voluntary manner. Such data may be provided to us when customers request information via website, e-mail, phone or in writing. Also, such information may be provided to us when customers purchase or sign-up for our products. Such data is provided by you in order to grant us with information to complete a sales transaction, which includes personal identifiable information such as a credit card. Inchol Solutions uses secure technologies during the collection, processing and storage of such personal information. Inchol Solutions will not sell or trade your information to third parties. The only exception is if we are obligated by a law enforcement agency to do so. Inchol Solutions uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies when you may provide us your credit card or other ordering information via or its product websites. Thus, Inchol Solutions protects and secures your information by utilizing current commercial secure protocols. Such information collected may be used for Inchol Solutions own internal use such as for accounting and administrative purposes.
Individuals may choose to voluntarily provide information to our website, or its product websites. This information provided in the form of feedback, questions or ideas or, the like, Inchol Solutions will treat that portion of the information as non-confidential and non-proprietary. In such manner, Inchol Solutions assumes no obligation to protect such information from disclosure or of its content.
These privacy practices apply to Inchol Solutions products, services and websites worldwide. By continuing to use this site, the user certifies that has read and agrees to abide to this privacy policy.