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Built From the Ground Up

DanceComp Genie Case Study

Our software has already helped many clients reduce costs and errors,
allowing their businesses to soar.

By removing the industies need for paper registration forms, result sheets and printed scoresheets; we have saved a ton of paper!



As of today, more than 1.7 million routines have been registered
through our software. Each routine requires at least 3 sheets of paper
when submitted the traditional way.
That's over 5 M sheets of paper saved! 


Over Big Trees

The number of trees we saved:
/15,000= big trees.*
Thats a lot of trees saved!

  According website, a 128 cubic feet
tree can produce 10,000 to 20,000 sheets of paper.

Inchol Solutions for Your Business

We design solutions for digital interactions. With our approach, our team generates
extraordinary value for brands through innovative design by connecting you with your customers in many new ways.


Software Suites

Our products are on the cutting edge and designed to fit event producers in a variety of formats. Our flexible settings and customizable forms and reports allows you do to everything you need right out of the box. Inchol Soltions hosts DanceComp Genie and CheerComp Genie, the leading software suites for the dance and cheer event industry.


Custom Development

We are experts when it comes to customize software suites for event producers and know the needs of you and your customers better than anyone. Our custom suites extend beyond registration, scheduling and tabulation portals and will support your entire business. From staff and travel scheduling to financial reporting.



By reading the reviews and testimonials from our clients, you will understand how committed we are to providing exceptional customer service. We employ a full team of support specialists and gaurantee a 5-minute response to your questions via our Chat support system.  Rest easy knowing we are always standing-by to assist you.

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