Our Company

Inchol Solutions is a software company specializing in software
and web solutions, dedicated to providing high quality and low cost products
and services to its customers worldwide.

Your Ideas, Our Solutions

Inchol Solutions Inc. offers a wide range of IT solutions for dance conventions, competitions, cheer competitions, studios, gyms, public schools and individuals. Our software support over 200 event producers, hosting over 2500 events per year, and the millions of attendees that participate or watch the events. Always on the cutting edge, Inchol uses the latest software development technologies, providing next generation mobile and web based applications. Our clients and end-users can quickly and easily manage and interact to make every show a magnificent success.

The company continually strives to maintain its spot as the industry's leading technology product by servicing all of our markets with high quality products, competitive prices, and the best services in the dance and cheer industry. With a portfolio of exceptional depth, we offer a broad scope of software solutions throughout the life cycle and beyond.

Our Objectives

To always remain an excellent software and web services provider with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

Inchol provides excellent products and services to satisfy its clients' needs with maximum efficiency and reliability. We strive to use cutting-edge technologies and creative innovative skills to provide high quality applications.

Elliot Malman


Kevin Sun


Daniel Yi

Project Manager

Ali Alimardani

Tech Lead



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