DanceComp Genie Registration 1.5 Released

Sunday, October 3, 2010
 Inchol is pleased to announce that the DanceComp Genie Registration 1.5 has officially been released.
Based on the feedback received during the last season, we could tell that people loved our system. It works and is a great way for companies to save time and money while handling their event registrations. We have received a lot of great feedback and suggestions to help improve the system and grow with the dance community. We would like to thank  all those companies that have sent us this valuable feedback!
Over the past months, Inchol's DanceComp Genie development team has worked hard with many dance competition companies to improve it's DanceComp Genie Registration 1.0. We are perfectionists, and are finally ready to release the full version to the public. We believe this will be a much better system for dance competition companies to manage their day to day business. This system was designed by the dance community and was developed by Inchol, who has developed more than 1000 successful projects to date. 
Finally it's here, an online registration system that works! Our software is reliable, easy to learn, and can save you a ton of work. The package comes packed with many reliable tools for managing you event registration.
The management system let's you set up competitions, set pricing, manage studio accounts and event registration, collect online payments and much more.
Everything you need to know about the DanceComp Genie is on this website, but please don't hesitate to ask is you have any questions. 1-866-663-2555.
You can checkout the system at