DanceComp Genie Schedule & Tabulation 1.0

Thursday, July 15, 2010
Welcome to the DanceComp Genie ST information section. Read below to learn about some of the features of the Scheduling and Tabulation components of the DanceComp Genie product line.
Handle both scheduling and tabulation all in one place.
Ready to sync with our online registration system.
Manage studio/director accounts from the software.
Manage and edit scheduling changes on the fly.
Manage and edit routines on the fly.
Compatible for scheduling multiple locations through-out the season.
Add special events within schedule like "awards" or "lunch breaks".
Up to the second calculation of routines, breaks and special events.
Alerts for individuals with back-to-back routines and scheduling conflicts.
Create specific sessions for each day at your competition location.
Custom reporting tools.
Custom Awarding system, made specific for your competition.
Awards with automatic calculation.
National and Regional settings for planning events.
It is an approved, cost effective and fully functioning system.
It is already being used by other dance competition companies right now.
All registration can be done online and synchronized with the scheduling system.
Awards are calculated automatically at the end of each routine.
Track results and reports 24/7.
Does not require an internet connection to function.
No more scheduling conflicts.
Reduces the errors of tabulation.
Fully customizable.
Everything can be done on the fly, as things change, the changes will be made across the event.
Our software is fully backed, and we guarantee it will work for your competition. We know every competition is unique, that is why the DanceComp Genie was developed to be flexible, and can be adjusted to fit your show. Contact us to get started. To get started, we will require your entry forms for the upcoming or current season, a detailed description of your awards and award structure, and the completion of a short questionnaire regarding your reports. In some cases, additional costs for customizations can occur, contact us today to learn more. Once we determine your needs, we will send over the software and assist with installation and set-up. Once everything is set-up, we will walk you through the system, to ensure you understand how to use it to manage your show, 100%.