The Warmth of Happy Clients

Friday, February 24, 2017
We are currently running survey's with customers and users to help us understand ways to optimize our app and products. The feedback has been overwhelming. The positive comments are pouring in and warming our hearts today at the office! 
Here is a small sample size of comments submitted by studios, dancers and parents:
We asked if there was an app or something we could build for them to make their lives easier.
"I'm very happy with Dance comp Genie. Now if only more competitions that we go to would use it!"
"I can't even think of an app that I need that I don't already have! haha...I do love the dance genie though for competitions!"
"I love the dance comp app you already have :)"
"Having dance genie available at all competitions. Love that it gives you real time information!"
"I like your app now! Keep up the good work:)"
"Love Dance Comp Genie just the way it is now....can't think at this time of any app or website that would greatly improve my life different than what is already available."
"Y'all do a wonderful job!"
"I like your app"
"I think your app is great the way it is... dance moms like coffee!!"
"I love the Dance Comp Genie app! "
We want to thank the dance industry for your support over the past decade and helping us help you through our innovative technology! 
Have a great weekend!