What We Do

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
We're back and revved up for the 2017 dance season! To kick off the year we are doing a four part series on the evolution of DanceComp Genie. This first part will provide a macro overview of our company, products, and services. Then we will dive into some history in parts 2 and 3 and wrap things up with a look into the future of dance competition technology.
Part 1 - What We Do
Part 2 - How We Started
Part 3 - How We've Changed the Game
Part 4 - The Future Trends We're Working On
What Does Inchol Solutions Do?
Inchol Solutions is a software provider focusing on the competition and convention industry in the dance and cheer markets. We are the leading provider of technology for event producers in the world with over 200 companies using our software for Registration, Scheduling, Tabulation, and Video. 
Where Are We Located?
Our head office is stationed in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver is the tech capital of the north and is like a brother to Silicon Valley. We have incredible talent working for our company. When the young minds from Silicon Valley mature and start their families, the often move to Vancouver. It's where some of the best minds in technology reside.
How Many People Work For Inchol Soutions?
We develop all of our software in-house and provide a holistic development process. We have researchers that seek the best new innovations in tech, programmers, bug testers, project managers and an in-house support team. There are currently 17 Genies on the team working with our clients.
What Are Our Products and Services?
We provide a full software suite for dance and cheer competitions. Our product line is like a warm blanket for your entire business. 
  • Online Registration
  • Scheduling
  • Tabulation
  • Video (Performance, Critiques, Live Streaming)
  • Dance Events app
  • Customized Mobile Apps
  • Marketing Solutions
What Makes Our Products Special?
Power and simplicity. We have been servicing the industry for almost 10 years and work with over 200 event producers around the world. This works out to about 70% of all event companies in North America. The experience and the feedback we have collected has allowed us to create an incredibly powerful product base that is extremely easy to use. Nothing on the market, including your own software (unless it's DCG software), comes close to the features and reporting abilities of DCG. We have features you haven't even thought about but would love to have. You're welcome to take a tour so we can prove this to you. No one understands your needs better than DanceComp Genie. 
Are Dance or CheerComp Genie Expensive?
No. If you were to ask a software development company to build a product as powerful and complete as DCG, they would quote you a figure over a million dollars. You obviously wouldn't need something as robust as DCG just for your competition. Most companies will receive quotes that are over $100 000 for a customized software system to cover their Registration, Scheduling, and Tabulation. This excludes any on-going fees for maintenance and enhancements, an app, a video recording system ... etc. 
"I'm Very Unique, Will Your Products Work For Me?"
Yes, we have seen it all and done it all. Our software works for most companies right out of the box. The odd time we need to build a customized feature. We build these at cost, which means we don't mark up the price. This internal rule ensures our software is affordable to any competition no matter how different you do things. But like I mentioned above, we have seen it all and done it all. We work with over 200 competitions and have over 10 years of experience building software for dance competitions like yours.
"How Can I Adopt Your Software For My Business?"
Let me walk you through the adoption process to show you how easy it is.  First, you will need to connect with one of our knowledgeable consultants. Visit our website and have a chat, we're online almost 24/7 to speak with you via the cute little chat box in the bottom right corner of every page. Or call our office at 1-866-663-2555. 
We will go over your registration forms, pricing, scoring structures, and internal needs to plan the best setup for your business. We will then set up our demo website to your competition needs and take you on a tour to show you how it will work exactly as you need it. 
After you see how incredible our software is, pick a purchase option and we will complete the working agreement and review the decision with you. From that point, we need about 1 week to setup the system on your website and 1 week to train you.